Starting at $500.00 Includes 2 - 3 hours of shooting, music, editing, post production and contact information.

Full HD video in MP-4 format  for use on web, computers and mobile devices.

We partner to offer Broadcast quality video.

Contact us to find our how we can make it easy for you to create dynamic videos for your business.


All prices per person

1 to 2 persons: $150

3-4 persons: $125

5 to 9: $500 + $50 for each person over 5

10 or more: $700 +

$40 for each person over 10

• Images are uploaded to Dropbox within 24 hours.

• Choose up to three images that will be adjusted for colour, removing blemishes,

whiten teeth, and soften skin (women).

• You get print  and web quality jpegs on disc or Dropbox.

All final images can be used as often as desired in any format, forever, without further charge.


Download price list: iPad or Tablet ~ epub version   PDF


$150.00 per hour (minimum of two hours)

Plus $50.00 per hour of post production and preparing final images.

Food Photography

Includes white balance, exposure and colour adjustments and removing non essential parts of the final images.


$150.00 per hour (minimum of two hours)

Plus $75.00 post production (flat fee).


Real Estate

Residential Real Estate: Photos ~ $125.00

Minimum of 25 shots ~ Exposure and colour corrected.

Video: $125.00 if shot at same time as photos.

Video pricing includes music and post production.


Winnipeg Photos

Print sizes available from 8x10 up to 30x40.

Price list can be downloaded above.




Ph: 204.999.1082


To see more photos of Winnipeg click photo below



2016 Your Best Shot ~ Photo | Video